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Mr. Riss has 30 years of experience with 1933 and 1934 Act filings as CEO of a publicly traded company and as a CPA with Ernst & Young.

He is a board member of an equity-based funding portal and a member of FINRA. Mr. Riss earned an MBA with distinction from the Stern School of Business and was a Magna Cum Laude graduate with distinction from Carleton College. As a volunteer, he gives voice and guitar lessons to middle and high school students and performs with them on a weekly basis. He also wrote and directed 10 musical parodies to raise money for college scholarships.

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 | Treasurer

Mr. Hernandez has over 20 years of extensive experience in the financial industry. Mr. Hernandez has been involved in all aspects of finance ranging from relationship management to residential, business, and commercial lending.


He has been involved in major transactions generating millions of dollars in revenue. Mr. Hernandez stepped up to aid businesses with their SBA loan applications during the COVID-19 crisis, to guide companies through the application process for both the Payroll Protection Plan and SBA Disaster Relief loans.


Mr. Hernandez enjoys volunteer work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and has taught children finance with the L.A Unified School District.

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 | Strategic Advisor

Mr. Holden has had a well-experienced career in his 28 years navigating all aspects of the securities markets. Brian has been instrumental in guiding corporate restructurings and corporate marketing solutions for a diverse clientele that includes a vast array of industry sectors. 


Brian is an expert at mitigating risk for his clients and has been instrumental in strategically aligning his public company client's capital needs with market conditions saving many companies from bankruptcy. Brian has served on the Board of Directors for public companies such as VMH VideoMovieHouse.com, Virtual Media Holdings Inc, and Evision Holdings Inc. where he successfully strategized strategic acquisitions and coordinated SEC-required reporting and compliance procedures. Brian has attained an intricate knowledge of corporate strategy and marketing public companies to the marketplace having served in roles as CEO, Marketing Director, and Chairman of the Board.

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