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Executive Industries offers corporate advisory, consulting, and marketing services to both public and privately-owned companies. Executive Industries helps entities with corporate strategy, negotiation, corporate structure, marketing, and executive management decisions.

Executives empowering, solving, and anticipating problems before it impacts your business is a vital part of the Executive Industries business model. Executive Industries specializes in innovative solutions for every facet of your business. There’s no such thing as a generic industry solution from Executive Industries.  As your in-house executive advisors and consultants, we strategically develop our clients a personalized plan and organize and deliver executable solution management can understand. We don’t waste our client's time by being redundant and we show management the highest respect for their time. Our communications with our clients are timely and unambiguous as Executive Industries puts our client's opinions, responsibility, and limited time before anything else. Executive Industries will always be ready to help your public company make the required strategical moves to save itself from a bad situation or analyze a great idea that could be a game-changer. Executive Industries is the ultimate team member that is always analyzing your business as if it’s ours as well. 

Whether you’re looking for market awareness packages that are affordable and are highly effective or are looking for discount press release packages that are discounted for Executive Industries clientele only, the team at Executive Industries will assist you through the public company process. Executive Industries deals with some of the largest IR/PR companies in the industry and can save your public company thousands off of these must-have services. We are experts at generating market interest and liquidity to help ensure your public company's success.




  • Unlocking valuations for undervalued assets

  • Executive management

  • Corporate restructuring, branding, and development

  • Accepting equity ownership for SEC-compliant services

  • Getting stop signs removed from OTC Markets

  • Generating American interest for Canadian listed companies

  • Asset-backed financing

  • Becoming a public company

  • Equity-based partnerships

  • Reg CF financing and marketing

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Private placement financing

  • Market awareness

  • Affordable press release packages

  • Start up capitalization                        ​​

       ...and much more



A group of experienced executives with the understanding of corporate structure, corporate communications and experience that generates positive results for our clients.



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